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Enzymes are the building blocks of life and nothing in our bodies (or life) functions without them. Enzyme reactions provide a steady power supply to keep all systems active, functioning and producing anti-aging & anti-oxidant effects.* The benefits of systemic enzymes have been researched and documented for over a century in which they have produced significant results with no known toxicity or negative side effects.* Systemic enzymes in Theraxym™ may: • Support overall joint, tendon and cartilage function* • Promote circulatory health* • Support heart health* • Support the immune system* • Maintain healthy lung function* • Support recovery and recuperation* • Help reduce excess mucous* • Support the body’s natural inflammation response*

THERAXYM™ is a blend of 10-full-spectrum plant-based systemic enzymes in a proprietary mineral which super-charges the effects of the enzyme actions.* To obtain the maximum results take one (1) capsule with a glass of water on an empty stomach (2 hours before or after meals). May be taken every eight hours (3 times per day).


Other ingredients: rice extract, capsule (vegetable cellulose, water). THERAXYM™ is free of fillers, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. It is NON-GMO, NONSOY, NON-DAIRY, and is in delayed-release, acidresistant, vegetarian capsules.